E-diagnostics is a tool that should only be used as a guide. Keep in mind that the disease presentation and severity will depend largely on the situation in which it occurs. On the other hand, diseases are considered as individual entities when, in reality, several concurrent problems are often found.

How the tool works
Start by selecting the most relevant signs. When a sign is ticked, a list of diseases that usually cause that sign is displayed. As you select new signs, the list of possible diseases gets smaller, showing only those that cause all the selected signs. At the same time, the signs that do not correspond to the diseases shown become inactivate.

The number next to each sign corresponds to the number of diseases with that sign assigned.

When a sign is ticked, the number of possible causative diseases is displayed. To see the full list of diseases click on the number. As you tick new signs, the number of diseases will be updated. Click on the name of each disease to obtain a full description.

Select the age of the affected pigs

Age of the affected pigs


Number of affected pigs

Do acute pigs have fever?

Locomotion / nervous signs

Excretion/discharge signs

Skin/bodily signs

Reproductive signs

Respiratory signs

Select the age of the affected pigs