Fumonisin toxicosis

Fumonisin is a very potent mycotoxin that causes pulmonary edema with high mortality.

Alternative names: Mycotoxin, fumonisin, pulmonary edema, Fusarium moniliform, Fusarium proliferatum


Fumonisin is mainly produced in corn. These mycotoxins cause interstitial lung edema, which may result in sudden death. Because of damage produced in lungs, it is very important to have a follow up of this mycotoxin. There is no treatmentfor affected animals.



Sows, nursery and fattening

  • Sudden death.
  • Weak animals.
  • Pale swine.
  • Pulmonary edema.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Productive cough.
  • Reproductive failure including abortions and mummified piglets.
  • Slow growth.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • Corn crops affected by stress, moderate drought followed by high humidity.



  • Necropsy of animals affected by pulmonary edema and identification of toxins in corn or feed.



  • None.
  • Remove the suspicious feed.

Atlas of pathology

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