Bovine viral diarrhoea virus

Disease caused by two pestivirus of the same group of swine fever. These viruses mainly affect cattle and sheep, but can enter into reproductive swine farms causing problems.

Alternative names: Border Disease Virus, BDV, Border disease


Produced by two pestivirus (the same group of swine fever virus) but they infect mainly cows and sheep respectively. They can enter into swine farms and cause reproductive problems, though not a common cause of infertility in sows and, from that point of view diagnosis is unlikely. It mainly affects fetuses and relatively with no clinical consequences in other ages. 




  • Low conception rates.
  • Some abortions.
  • Fetal death.
  • Mummified piglets.
  • Small litters.
  • Low birth weights.

Lactating piglets:

  • Anemia.
  • Tremors.
  • Hairy pigs.
  • Petechiae on skin.

Nursery and fattening: 

  • It is not present.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • Exposure of pigs to cows or sheep feces.
  • Feeding pigs with unpasteurized cow's milk, or because of contaminated live / attenuated virus vaccines.



Laboratory analysis. Possible cross reaction (false positive), with antibodies against classical swine fever, which can cause epidemiological surveillance problems or eradication of classical swine fever.



  • There is no treatment and the infection is eliminated by itself.
  • Preventing direct and indirect contact with sheep or cattle.