Vesicular exanthema

Vesicular exanthema is clinically indistinguishable from Foot-and-mouth disease and therefore is of great importance.


Swine vesicular exanthema virus is different from those that cause Foot-and-mouth disease and swine vesicular disease, but produces a disease clinically indistinguishable from these two diseases. Unlike from foot and mouth disease, vesicular exanthema affects pigs only.



All ages

  • Low mortality; some deaths can be seen in nursing piglets.
  • Salivation.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Blisters around mouth, nose, tongue and feet.
  • The growing pigs can become weak.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • Feeding pigs with uncooked swill. 



  • It is the same as for suspected FMD and for swine vesicular disease and requires laboratory tests for its identification.



  • Because it cannot be clinically distinguished from FMD, relevant authorities should be contacted immediately.