Swine pox

Swine smallpox is a vesicular condition caused by a virus and mainly transmitted through lice.

Alternative names: poxvirus smallpox


This disease is caused by a poxvirus that survives outside the pig during long periods of time and is resistant to environmental changes.



All ages

  • Vesicles characterized by small round reddened areas having a diameter of 10 - 20 mm starting as a vesicle containing a yellowish-colored fluid in the center.
  • After two or three days the vesicle ruptures and a scab appears that will gradually turn black.
  • Injuries can be seen anywhere in the body but are most common along flanks, abdomen and occasionally the ears.
  • It can produce a secondary dermatitis.
  • Not very common in piglets although it may be congenital.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • It can be spread by lice or scabies.
  • Skin abrasions.
  • Fights and mixing of pigs.



  • Clinical picture with lab tests confirmation.



  • There is no treatment.
  • Eliminate lice.

Atlas of pathology

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