Ascaris suum is the worldwide most important intestinal parasite for its great economic losses.

Alternative names: Large round worm, Ascaris suum


Ascaris suum is a worm of the small intestine, causing not only diarrhea, it also causes great damage because its life cycle goes through the liver and pig lungs. In heavy infestations, lung damage often causes a great mortality, especially as the use of antibiotics does not improve the pneumonia. At the slaughterhouse livers of affected pigs are confiscated.



Sows, nursery and fattening

  • Diarrhea without blood or mucus.
  • Dehydration.
  • Hairy pigs.
  • Slow growth and loss of weight.
  • Pneumonia with cough.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • Pigs raised outdoors, especially those exposed to the ground.



Clinical condition: pneumonia in breeding animals in outdoors environment which do not improve with antibiotics. Analysis of feces searching for typical eggs. Necropsy searching for white spots in the liver and worms in the small intestine.



  • Limit the access of pigs to soil.
  • Use of anthelmintics.