Uterine Prolapse

Consists of the partial or complete eversion of one or both uterine horns.

Alternative names: Prolapse of the uterus


It involves the partial or complete eversion of one or both uterine horns and usually occurs within 2-4 hours after ending farrow. Prolonged efforts during farrow make a small part of the uterus to be pushed out by uterine contractions.




  • Prolapse occurs within about an hour and begins with the appearance of the redness mucosa of the uterus.
  • This mass increases rapidly in size until it comes out.

Piglets, nursery and fattening

  • Not present.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • Uterine prolapses are rare. They usually occur in older sows with large litters or that give birth to very big piglets.
  • Structures that hold the uterus become weak or  uterine wall becomes flaccid.
  • Estrogenic mycotoxins have been related to this condition.



  • It is based in clinical condition.



  • The treatment consists in introducing the uterus inside the sow. This is often impossible or sow dies due to internal hemorrhage.
  • In most cases the sow should be culled for animal welfare reasons.

Atlas of pathology

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