Trichinella is an infection without clinical signs , but with great zoonotic importance.

Alternative names: pork worm, Trichinella spiralis, Trichinella spp, Trichinosis, trichiniasis


In North America and in Europe trichinosis is mainly caused by the parasite Trichinella spiralis although there are other Trichinella species in different regions of the world. The infection causes cysts in muscles. These cysts are infectious and, if ingested by other animals, including humans, can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. The disease in humans can progress and be very painful and cause symptoms the central nervous system.



  • Trichinella causes no clinical signs.


Causes / Contributing Factors

Consumption of infected meat, especially if this meat is pork, but also rat carcasses. The use of trash or leftovers from food to feed swine.



There are serological tests. At the slaughterhouse an inspection is performed to look for cysts examining muscle samples (trichinoscope examination), or enzyme-digested muscle (artificial digestion), in the microscope.



  • There is no treatment for affected animals.
  • Prevent the consumption of infected meat or its waste.
  • Rat control.

Atlas of pathology

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