Who we are

Welcome to pig333.com, a community website which covers the entire swine sector from "pig to pork". With the collaboration of international specialists, we generate our own content from which users can debate and share ideas. We have nearly eigtheen years experience generating independent online content for the swine sector.



3tres3.com (the Spanish site) was born in April 1998 with the aim of offering a reference website for the professionals of the swine sector: veterinarians as well as farmers. The original idea came from a group of swine veterinarian consultants: Enric Marco, Miquel Collell, and the decedent Josep Barceló. In November 2008 came the English version, pig333.com

333 office

The 333 team is formed by veterinarians and agronomists dealing with the contents, and computer specialists and designers taking care of the technical management field. The workforce in charge of the daily running of the website is composed by Rosa Pujol, Amàlia Cordero, Jordi Guillaumet, Natàlia López, Sergi Robles, Eduard Zamora, Alexandra Zholobova, Miquel Crisol, Carmen Cía, and Xevi Salamó.

Our contributors are John D. Mackinnon (United Kingdom), Zolio M Lapus (The Philippines), Alex Ramirez (USA), Enric Marco (Spain), Miquel Crisol (Spain), Telma Tucci (Italy), Luis Días and Nuno Mota (Portugal), Tomasz Stadejek (Poland), Joan Wennberg (Spain) and Alfred Blanch (Spain).

The 333 team has also the assistance of a large panel of independent authors from different countries (all of them are swine specialists), that participate writing articles and preparing contents for the different sections of the webpage:


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