Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to govern the Terms or General Conditions of Use of the service provided by the website www.pig333.com (henceforth, the service) and the rules for the use of the website owned by 333 Corporate 1998, S.L., with tax address in Carretera de Rubí, n. 88, 2º, A, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and Corporate Tax ID Number B62394358. The words “you” and “user” are used herein to refer to any individual or entity accessing the website www.pig333.com or using its services for whatever reason.

The use of these services shall entail the acceptance, in full and without reserve, and the validity of each and every Conditions of Use –which shall be considered automatically incorporated to the agreement signed with 333 Corporate 1998, S.L., without having to transcript them in written form– included in the last updated version of these Terms and Conditions of Use and its Privacy Policy.

Visiting the website www.pig333.com does not require your previous subscription or registration as a user. However, if you choose to use certain services or contents of the website, we may request that you register in our system. In order for us to keep your personal data updated, it is important that you keep us informed about any modification. Any unauthorized use or security infringement related to the website operation should be reported at info@pig333.com

www.pig333.com reserves the right, without prior notice and at any moment, to temporarily suspend the access to this website and to implement the appropriate modifications in its content or services.


2. Online purchase conditions

These general conditions apply to the purchase of any product through the web.

The user has to compulsorily buy the requested products when clicking on the tab “I confirm my order” at the end of the purchasing process. If the stock of a requested product is sold out, the client shall be duly informed about it, and he/she shall then have the opportunity to cancel the order or to choose another product with similar features and characteristics.

Product prices and availability

Product prices stated in the web are in Euros and include the applicable taxes they are subject to. They do not include taxes they may be subject to in other countries or territories outside the EU. If there is a typographical error in any of the characteristics or prices of a product and the client has bought such product, he/she shall be immediately informed and shall have the possibility to cancel the order or to choose another product with similar features and characteristics. The error shall be immediately amended in the web.  333 Corporate 1998, S.L. reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, any price, product and promotion included in the 3tres3 website.

Notice that not all our products are suitable for express shipments due to specific safety aviation regulations. Contact us for more information


Users having placed an order through the web have the right to return any received product if the outside packaging is broken or does not correspond with their order (in other words, if they receive a wrong product). If the user’s complaint is justified, 333 Corporate 1998, S.L. shall refund the amount of the order and the shipping costs to the user or send the right order. Our returns period is 14 calendar days from the delivery date. The product must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging including all accessories or gifts if applicable. After checking the product’s condition, the order amount less return charges shall be refunded.

Method of payment

The accepted methods of payment are:

        Credit card

        Bank transfer

        Cash on delivery


Acceptance of Rules of Use

The user is aware that the use of payment services entails the acceptance, in full and without reserve, of each and every clause included in the www.pig333.com Privacy Policy.


3.- Correct use of website contents

333 Corporate 1998, S.L. hereby declares that the industrial property rights (brands, commercial names, contents, texts, images, sounds, videos, software, web structure, graphics, icons, industrial drawings, information or animations) included in this website are of its property and/or are legitimately exploited by virtue of agreements or licenses of use, and are duly protected by the existing regulation on industrial property.

www.pig333.com shall be exonerated from any liability for complaints in relation to the intellectual property rights concerning the articles and images published in its portal by users in the website forums or classified ads, and does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness and validity of contents of this website, whether its own or of third parties or linkable to other websites, and shall be fully exonerated from any liability derived from the use thereof.

The rights on materials and contents belong to www.pig333.com in full or to third parties having a written permission. The user must use the website in a diligent, correct and lawful way and, in particular, he/she commits to refrain from:

  •     Deleting, evading or manipulating the copyright notice, brands and any other data identifying the rights of www.pig333.com or of other holders, incorporated in the contents and/or products marketed from www.pig333.com, as well as any technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms that they could include.
  •     Using the contents and, in particular, the information from www.pig333.com obtained through its website to send advertising messages, communications with a direct sales purpose or any other commercial purpose and sending not requested messages to a number of individuals.
  •     Reproducing, copying, distributing, permitting access to the public through any means of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless with the consent of the holder of the corresponding rights or if legally permitted.

Any form of transmission, distribution, storage, public communication, delivery, reproduction, disassembling, reverse engineering, lending or renting and any other act of public exploitation regarding this website, its content and its information is forbidden. The use of the website by the user does not entail any cession of ownership, rights, license or interest whatsoever concerning this intellectual property, which means that the user is allowed to use the contents for his/her own needs, but is not allowed to directly or indirectly exploit them commercially. 

Should any user or third party consider that any of the contents in our website infringe their intellectual property rights, they must send a notice at info@pig333.com stating in a complete and precise way their personal data and the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed.


4. Right to Modify the Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions

333 Corporate 1998, S.L. reserves the right to modify these Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions.


5. Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability

333 Corporate 1998, S.L. does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the services made available to users. Therefore, it shall be exonerated from any liability for damages or losses due the lack of availability, accuracy or continuity of its website or its services.

In no case whatsoever www.pig333.com shall be held liable for any damage or loss derived from the use, the access or the ineptitude to use the content of this website or caused by any operation failure, neglect, interruption, transmission delay, IT virus or line fault.

The user accepts that the Internet is not a completely secure environment and, thus, www.pig333.com cannot guarantee that any information or material sent, placed or transferred by the user through the web is free from unauthorized use or access. Nevertheless, www.pig333.com shall adopt measures to preserve the security of the site according to criteria of reasonableness.

www.pig333.com shall not be liable for the contents sent, used and/or included in the services by any third party, for the unauthorized use or alteration of its transmissions or data, for any material or data sent or received or not sent or not received, nor for any transaction originating from this web. www.pig333.com shall be only liable for its own behavior and content, and therefore shall not assume any liability for any information, declaration, opinion or behavior expressed by the user.

The classified ads section includes ads published by other users and, consequently, these ads are published under the exclusive responsibility of the users. www.pig333.com shall therefore be exonerated from any liability derived from agreements reached by the parties. Also, we shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for the characteristics and the conditions of the products offered.

The user takes full liability for the use of our website, and he/she shall be the only liable person for any direct or indirect derived effect on the website, including, in an illustrative and no limiting manner, any unfavorable economic, technical and/or legal result, as well as the non-fulfillment of expectations generated by our portal. The user shall compulsorily hold www.pig333.com harmless for any claims directly or indirectly derived from such facts.

Additionally, www.pig333.com shall be exonerated from any liability for comments appearing on the website forums, and website forum participants are obliged to show appropriate behavior according to good will and to public order rules.

www.pig333.com shall be exonerated from any liability derived from any claim, included the payment of fees to lawyers, for lawsuits or complaints by third parties for the infringement by the user of our conditions of use, of access and of our privacy policy, or from any other claim for the violation of legislation in force.

The user acknowledges that he/she has understood all the information about the conditions of use of our portal and he/she acknowledges that it is sufficient for excluding any error herein, and therefore he/she accepts them fully and explicitly.


6. Users’ obligations and liabilities and use of received information:

Users commit to use this website according to law and to this Terms and Conditions of Use, to observe morality and the generally accepted good manners and public order, to correctly and lawfully use its services and contents and in particular, without this list being limiting, to:

  •     Not spread racist, xenophobic, pornographic, discriminating or defamatory contents or advertising in support of terrorism or contrary to Human Rights or any content fomenting in any means violence or the dissemination of clearly unlawful or harmful contents.
  •     Not interfere with the use or enjoyment of services or contents by other users or with the use or enjoyment of similar contents by other individuals or entities, not try to access or access services or contents in an unauthorized way.
  •     Not destroy, alter, render useless or destroy data, information, software or electronic documents belonging to www.pig333.com, to its suppliers or to third parties.
  •     Not create false identities to deceive others about the sender’s identity or about the origin of messages, and not collect or gather information about third parties without their consent nor provide to third parties other people’s email address, and not violate the right of privacy or the right to the own image or any other third party’s right.
  •     Not access or try to access in an unauthorized way services or contents, other accounts, IT systems or networks connected to them by means of the automatic search of passwords or by any other means.
  •     Not use the system for sending out chain letters, undesired messages, spamming or any other message, commercial or not, duplicative or not asked for, or any other action entailing the transmission of any damaging, harmful, not asked for or illegal program, and not use inappropriately chats, newsgroups, forums or other services made available by www.pig333.com via its website.

The user shall take liability for damages directly or indirectly suffered by www.pig333.com, as a result of the infringement of any obligation derived from this Privacy Policy or of any other applicable legal obligation and shall hold www.pig333.com harmless from any penalty, complaint or lawsuit brought by a third party, including public bodies, against www.pig333.com as a result of the violation of any third party’s right by the said user for the use of the website or of the services and materials linked to it, contrary to this legal notice or to the applicable legislation.

www.pig333.com reserves the right to defend and to exclusively control any complaint of this kind and the user commits to fully cooperate with www.pig333.com in this defense.

www.pig333.com is not obliged to supervise the service or the use by the user or to keep the contents from any session of the user. However, it can restrict, cancel or impede the access to the site and to content services, including interactive services, if it considers that the user has infringed these Terms and Conditions or violated the legislation in force, without prejudice to the exercise of the legally corresponding actions. In case of infringement by the user of these Terms and Conditions of Use or of the legislation in force, it shall be entitled, without this resulting in any kind of compensation, to remove from its website any illegal content, at its sole discretion or at the request of an affected third party, always according to legislation in force. Any suggestion, idea, creative concept, graphics or any other information submitted to this website shall be the exclusive and indefinite property of www.pig333.com and shall be considered given for free. The user therefore consents to its use and publication by www.pig333.com for any purpose deemed appropriate by it, without taking any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered by the user as a result of such use or publication, and the rights to which the user may be entitled to in accordance to the Law on Data Protection or similar laws shall be preserved, to the point that such rights could be excluded.


7. Limitation of liability

www.pig333.com assumes no liability for the wrong use of the contents of this website. The person accessing them or using them shall be the only liable person. 


8. Link Policy

www.pig333.com assumes no liability for the content or the information of third parties’ websites that the user can access via the links included in its website.

www.pig333.com hereby declares to have adopted all necessary measures to prevent any damage to the users of its website which might arise from browsing its website. Therefore, www.pig333.com assumes no liability whatsoever for the possible damage suffered by the user, which may result from browsing the Internet.


9. Modifications

www.pig333.com reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained in its website, as well as its configuration or presentation, at any moment, without prior notice, and shall not assume any liability whatsoever for that.


10. Preservation of Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions

Should any of the clauses of these Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions be declared invalid or ineffective, the rest of Terms or General Conditions shall remain within the terms agreed upon. 333 Corporate 1998, S.L. commits to replace the invalid clause to make it correspond as much as possible to the initial intention of the parties. No clause in this contract shall in any way affect the mandatory provisions in matters of consumers. If you are not a consumer, you explicitly waive the right of withdrawal.


11. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions are governed by Spanish legislation. 333 Corporate 1998, S.L. and the users, in order to resolve any controversy that could arise regarding their validity, execution, compliance or total or partial termination, explicitly renounce their own jurisdiction or any other that could possibly correspond to them, and are subject to Tribunals and Courts of Justice of the user’s place of residence. This contract constitutes the full and complete expression of the agreement between 333 Corporate 1998, S.L. and the user, and it replaces any other previous deal, commitment, declaration or agreement, written or verbal, previously existing between them.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions of Use, the user must read and accept the Privacy Policy.