Water medication calculator

This simulator calculates the amount of drug to add to the water when using a flow dispenser.

To calculate the stock solution, input your data into the corresponding boxes, as they turn yellow. If you do not know the amount of water consumed, the simulator will provide an approximation based on the number of animals, weight, temperature and amount of water wasted. In any case, with the amount of the stock solution consumed on the first day of medication, we will be able to calculate the real water consumption.

number of animals
live weight / animal kg
dosage mg/kg
mg active product / kg live weight
product concentration %
gr active product / 100 gr or ml of commercial product
dispenser regulation  %
liters of stock solution incorporated into each 100 liters of drinking water
water consumed l / day
temperature water loss
To produce the main solution we mix  or ml of commercial product in   of water per day