Ebola Reston virus

Ebola is a very important infection in humans. Of the five species of Ebola virus, Ebola Reston virus does not infect humans but can infect pigs.

Alternative names: Ebola, Ebola Reston, Ebolavirus, REBOV


Ebola is a disease of great importance in humans for its high mortality caused by hemorrhages. Of the five species of Ebola virus, it is known that the Ebola Reston virus is the only one that can infect swine. Fortunately the Ebola Reston does not infect humans. For the great importance of Ebola in humans, affected farms should be depopulated to eliminate the potential of transmission to humans.



All ages

  • Pneumonia.
  • Sometimes there is no clinical sign.


Causes / Contributing Factors

  • It is not known.



  • Serological tests or identification of the virus by PCR.



  • No treatment.
  • Depopulate affected farms.