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Spray dried porcine plasma supplementation on immune system in mycotoxin challenged piglets

Spray dried porcine plasma supplementation improve weight gain and minimize immune response in mycotoxine challenged piglets at weaning.

Tuesday 27 February 2018 (1 years 22 days ago)

Aflatoxin B1 and fumonisins are a hepatotoxic secondary metabolite produced by several fungal of Aspergillus and Fusarium species. Pigs are one of the most sensitive mycotoxin species, and clinical signs include reduced body weight, weakness, enlargement of liver and kidney, impair performance, accentuated immunosuppression and high mortality, increasing veterinary costs and decreasing performance and efficiency. It has been reported that spray dry blood plasma exerts hepatoprotective effects in newborn piglets. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate whether plasma spray dried exerts beneficial effects on weight, glucose levels and hematological and immunology parameters of piglets feed with diet contaminated with mycotoxins. A total of 28 piglets (n=7/treatment) were allotted in four experimental groups (group A received a control diet; the group B received a diet with 6% of SDPP; the group C 300 mg/kg of aflatoxins and 8000 mg/kg of fumonisin; the group D 300 mg/kg of aflatoxins, 8000 mg/kg of fumonisin and 6% of SDPP, respectively). Control diets (A and B), but naturally contaminated with mycotoxin in corn and soybean meal used to formulated of diet at levels of Aflatoxins 0.95 mg/kg and Fumonisins 450 mg/kg.

A significant increase on hemoglobin concentration and haematocrit levels was observed between C and A groups, result similar also in group D to haemoglobin concentration. A significant reduction on leukocytes and monocytes levels was observed in the group C compared to group A. It was observed that SDPP prevented reduction on leukocytes, but not in the monocytes levels in animals of group D. The animals of group C showed lower weight and lower on glucose levels. Animals in the group C had higher levels of nitrate/nitrite (NOx) and C-reactive protein (CRP) compared other groups.

It was observed that the ingestion of diet contaminated with elevated aflatoxins and fumonisins levels may negatively affected the white cell count and body weight, increasing the seric biomarkers related to inflammatory response, and consequently impairs the immune system. Additionally, SDPP supplementation for piglets prevents the reduction on leukocytes levels and the negative effects associated with weight gain, as well as minimizing the inflammatory response, demonstrating that SDPP can modulate the inflammatory processes and consequently may improve the immune system due active proteins presents in SDPP.

L.K.F. Müller, A.S. da Silva, M.D. Baldissera, J.M. Santurio, P. Glombowsky, J. Gugel, G. Campigotto, E.M. Gloria, D. Paiano and G. Machado (2017). Effects of supplementation with spray-dried porcine plasma on blood variables on piglets feed with diet contaminated by mycotoxins. Microbial Pathogenesis 110: 464-470.

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