Immunology Research Unit

Immunology Research Unit

University of Parma. Italy

Research unit of Experimental and Clinical Immunology, Department of Veterinary Science – University of Parma

Prof. Paolo Martelli – DVM – Diplomate ECPHM - Full Professor

Prof. Paolo Borghetti – DVM- PhD – Diplomate ECPHM – Full Professor

Dr. Roberta Saleri – DVM – PhD

Dr. Benedetta Passeri – DVM- PhD

Dr. Elena De Angelis – Biologist – PhD

Dr Luca Ferrari – Biotechnologist – PhD

Dr. Elena Canelli – DVM – PhD – MS Molecular Virology – Resident ECPHM

Dr. Alessia Catella – DVM – PhD student

Dr. Giulia Ogno – Biotechnologist – PhD student

Dr. Valeria Cavalli – Biologist


The research activity is focused on the immune response in both experimental and field trials. Moreover, in vitro immune models and new innovative vaccines and route of administration are also under investigation.

Updated CV 13-Mar-2017


The immune system and immunity in swine. Specific humoral immunity response (2/2)

06-Nov-2017 (1 years 9 months 17 days ago)

In the primary humoral immune response, a single class IgM in monomeric form is initially secreted. The secondary response induced by a subsequent exposure to the same antigen will be mainly characterized by the production of IgG isotype but at higher titre and affinity.

The immune system and immunity in swine. Specific humoral immunity res