Japan5th Fatty Pig ConferenceFatty pigs are old, autochthonous, rustic breeds well adapted to their environment that make an advantageous use of local natural resources and are highly appreciated as sourc
NicaraguaII Congreso Nacional de Porcicultura
CanadaThe Pork ShowDo not miss the 6th edition of the Pork Show, on December 10th and 11th, 2019, at the Québec City Convention Center!
United States2020 Banff Pork Seminar
Current status of ASF in Europe and Asia. OIE. 09-18-2018

Special section on ASF

26-Sep-2018 (1 years 1 months 25 days ago)

The recent appearance of ASF in Belgium and China has made all the alarms bell ring. We have created a special section so all the information about the disease that we have is available to you, gathered in a single space.

News alert on ASF