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A new recombinant live attenuated African swine fever virus with cross-protective capabilities

13-Oct-2017 (10 days ago)

Here we describe a new LAV candidate with unique cross-protective abilities: BA71ΔCD2. Thus, inoculation of BA71ΔCD2 protected pigs not only against the experimental challenge with BA71, the virulent parental strain, but also against heterologous viruses, including Georgia 2007/1, the genotype II strain of ASFV currently circulating in East Europe.

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Different colours on sow cards

29-Sep-2017 (24 days ago)1
Farrowing house with several sow cards in different colours

Sometimes, when working on the farm, we have to get up close to the sow to check its card in order to know its productive cycle. Or, whilst carrying piglets to be fostered, we ask ourselves, will that sow be a second parity one?

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06-Oct-2017According to the most recent estimates, somewhere between 70% and 80% of medically important antibiotics sold in the United States
PREMIUMProdumix S.A.
18-Sep-2017Our colleague Sergio Miranda has met a group of pork producers in the Dominican Republic, where they did some knowledge exchange about the current technical situation of that sector in the country.

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12-Oct-2017COMBAT -Helping swine farms to identify their most vulnerable areas of risk in the control of PRRSBoehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has expanded its suite of innovative biosecurity resources to help swine farms control the introduction and spread of PRRS.
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10-Oct-2017finishing farm in vietnam

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Gilt replacement simulator

Tool that allows you to calculate the replacement rate in your farm.



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