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Photo of the week 02-Oct-2015

Eradication of MRSA and ESBL-E on a model pig farm

25-Sep-2015 (18 days ago)

In summary, this report demonstrates that decontamination protocols similar to those used here can lead to successful elimination of contaminating MRSA and ESBL-E in pigs and the stable environment. Nevertheless, decontamination protocols do not prevent the acquisition of new MRSA strains.

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Question of the week 23-Sep-2015

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Question of the week 07-Oct-2015

Keep Watch for the Seneca Valley Virus

01-Oct-2015 (12 days ago)

What is Seneca Valley Virus (SVV)? This virus's symptoms closely reflect those of foot-and-mouth disease, without the harmful effects. Daryl Timmerman discusses why it's important to monitor and properly diagnose this virus along with recent market reports.

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Question of the week 30-Sep-2015

Gilt replacement simulator

Tool that allows you to calculate the replacement rate in your farm.



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