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UserNghị NghịPig producerVietnam
15-Jul-2017Giá heo cp việt nam 40.000 vnd/kg.
PREMIUMProdumix S.A.
14-Jul-2017We are pleased to inform you that Produmix has been awarded with the Innovative SME Recognition, by the Spanish Ministry of Economy. We'll keep working hard to continue in this direction!

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20-Jul-2017State of the Art PRRS Diagnostics: A road map for the practical application of diagnostics to determine herd current status
Carmen Cia+
17-Jul-2017For thousands of years, artists and writers have investigated what it means to have a pig living – and dying – alongside us: now people no longer know what this proximity feels like.

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Novel pestivirus species in pigs, Austria

12-Jul-2017 (12 days ago)

A novel pestivirus species was discovered in a piglet-producing farm in Austria during virologic examinations of congenital tremor cases. The emergence of this novel pestivirus species, provisionally termed Linda virus, in domestic pigs may have implications for classical swine fever virus surveillance and porcine health management.

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Gilt replacement simulator

Tool that allows you to calculate the replacement rate in your farm.



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