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25-Oct-2017Farrowing house management: regular returns to oestrus due to milk congestionHow is sucking interferences affecting the reproductive performance of the sows?
J. Blas R. xavier.salamoJavier palomareCarmen Cia+
UserJordi GuillaumetVeterinary practitioner/consultantSpain
24-Oct-2017SwineTech's invention consists of essentially two parts: listening devices and wearable technology placed on the sow for four to six days. One device listens for high-pitched piglet squealing. An algorithm sorts out mundane squeals from the prolonged ..

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16-Nov-2017How to recognise a Intrauterine growth restricted piglet. This video aims to provide you with some practical tips to help identifying the IUGR piglets
UserFeiVeterinary practitioner/consultantChina

Gilt replacement simulator

Tool that allows you to calculate the replacement rate in your farm.



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