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The US price is below minimum levels

11-Nov-2016 (22 days ago)
The record figures of the last months regarding the number of slaughtered pigs entail prices not seen for 14 years. Since the start of the drop in prices last June, when the prices were above USD82/cwt, pigs have lost almost 50% of their value, and the future is not very promising, with forecasts by the USDA of production rising in 2017 and, as a consequence, a drop in prices.
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24-Nov-2016 (9 days ago)1
Eurotier 2016

With 2,629 exhibitors and 163,000 visitors, including 36,000 from outside Germany, the EuroTier 2016 exhibition has delivered again, breaking the previous record attendance of EuroTier 2012.

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The private life of pigs

24-Nov-2016 (9 days ago)1

How sensitive is a pig's nose? Why can they find truffles underground? How do piglets find the right teat to feed from? Pigs are very intelligent, but can they recognise themselves in a mirror?

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Gilt replacement simulator

Tool that allows you to calculate the replacement rate in your farm.



What a change!

21-Nov-2016 (12 days ago)3
Evolution of 3tres3's design

We have changed the design of all the webpage to make it more modern and more mobile-friendly. There are also important changes in the 333 social network. Discover them!

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