Paolo Trevisi

Paolo Trevisi
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Università di Bologna. Reggio Emilia. Italy

Assistant professor at University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum.

Paolo Trevisi was born in Sassuolo August the 6th 1976. He is Permanent research Scientist at the Department of  Protection and Valorization of Agro-food (DIPROVAL) of the Agricultural Faculty of Bologna University, Unit of Animal Husbandry (Sez. Allevamenti Zootecnici) located in Reggio Emilia.


- 2000 - Graduate in Animal Production Sciences (Faculty of Agriculture - University of Bologna).

- 2005 - Ph.D graduate with the thesis "Effect of different dietary strategy with a pre or probiotic action on the growth performance, health status, humoral immune response and functional development of the small intestine in weaning pig" (University of Bologna)

Career History

- 2005/2007 and 2009/2011 - Research contract with the University of Bologna - Agriculture Faculty

- 2007/2009 - Post-Ph.D course. University of Bologna - Agriculture Faculty

- December 2011 - Permanent research Scientist at the Department of Protection and Development of Agrofood (DIPROVAL) of Agricultural Faculty of Bologna University, Section of Animal Husbandry located in Reggio Emilia;

Research  activities:

Research projects:

- 2000/2004 - UE project, "defining and validating gut health criteria in young pig, based on digestive physiology, microbiology and mucosal immunology investigations for testing alternative strategies to in-feed antibiotics" (HEALTHYPIGUT)

- 2006 - Program of Scientific Cooperation Italy-France (GALILEO), financed by the Italian Ministry of the University and Technological and Scientific Research(MIUR)

- 2004/2008 - UE project, "improving quality and safety and reduction of costs in the European organic and low input supply chain" (QUALITY LOW IMPUT FOOD)

- 2005/ 2008 - UE project, "development of natural alternatives to anti-microbials for the control of pig health and promotion of performance (FEED FOR PIG HEALTH)

- 2009/2013 - EU project yet approved from the European commission (INTERPLAY)

International experiences

- January/July 2004 - Research period during the Ph.D spent in the INRA - centre of Saint-Gilles, Rennes (France), to study the influence of complex diets on gut characteristics in the weaned piglet.

- July 2006 - University of Bristol, Langford (UK) to perform an in vitro test useful to verify the ability of different dietary additives to inhibit the Escherichia coli adhesion on the enterocytes.

- December 2006 - Forschungsinstitut für die Biologie landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere (FBN), Dummerstorf (Germany) to learn the PCR-DGGE techniques.

- January/February 2007 - INRA - Rennes (France) and financed by the Galileo Project, Exchange Italy-France. To study the effects of carvacrol on the intestinal morphology, enzyme activities and heat shock protein production in the gastro intestinal tract in piglet.


- 2004 - Marco Polo scholarship (University of Bologna) to cover a part of my Ph.D period in France.

- 2005 - European Association for Animal Production scholarship grant to attend the 56th Annual Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, 5-8 June.

- 2005 - prize for the "Best Poster" of European Association for Animal Production meeting (Nutrition Commission).

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