Paolo Bosi

Paolo Bosi
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Università di Bologna. Reggio Emilia.. Italy

Full Professor at University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum

Prof.Paolo Bosi was born 3 March, 1953 in Bologna, graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1978, worked  as grantist and University Researcher in Istituto di Allevamenti of the University of Bologna from 1980 to 1988, as Associate Professor in University of Catania , from1988 to 1990, then again in University of Bologna, as Full Professor on Animal Nutrition and Feeding. He was twice President of the Animal Production degree. He coordinates the PhD course since 1994. He published more than 140 scientific reports mainly on the subjects: effects of genetic and environment factors on chemical composition and of milk and its attitude to cheese making; effects of genetic and environment factors on meat quality of the pig; nutritive value of forages for ruminants and its prediction with chemical and physical methods; nitrogen and phosphorus requirements of the heavy Italian pig; high quality diets for the early weaned pig.

He was scientist in charge, as participant, of the EC programme AIR-CT94- 1577 "DIET-OX” and participated to research projects on piglet nutrition with Seoul National University. As expert of piglet nutrition he was responsible of the Bologna unit for the EU project QLK5-CT-2000-0522 “HEALTHYPIGUT” and for its continuation, “FEED FOR PIG HEALTH”. This research examined the potential of using plant extracts and other natural substances not considered harmful for human or animal health, as alternatives to antimicrobials, including antibiotics, used as prophylactic and growth promoting agents in livestock. Now he will be involved in the EU project INTERPLAY that will study t he kinetics of colonisation by commensal as well as potentially pathogenic microbiota along the GIT of young pigs, and concomitant impact on gastro-intestinal function throughout life. Finally he was included as an operative member in the EU project "QualityLowInputFood", doing trials to screen in vivo effects of candidate probiotics and of natural substances with antimicrobial effect. Prof.P.Bosi is active member of: “American Society of Animal Science”, "Associazione Scientifica di Produzione Animale". He is member of the editorial board of Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences and referee of many journals involved in animal nutrition.

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