Josep Casanovas

Josep Casanovas
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Veterinarian. Spain

Casanovas was born in Barcelona in 1965 and he graduated from the Veterinary School of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), part of the second graduating class of the university's veterinary program.

In 1992 he began to work as an independent consultant advising producers, companies, and cooperatives.

Always involved with teaching, he collaborates with the Barceló's Scrofa Foundation and other institutions related with the training of professionals in the livestock industry.

Since the founding of 3tres3 he has collaborated on many different sections. He regularly published articles, clinical cases, and above all, editorials, in different magazines and media throughout Spain.

He has participated as a speaker at diverse events throughout Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá.

He annually assists the Jornadas de Porcino at the Autonomous University of Barcelona to present clinical cases.

He sorely misses José Barceló one of the people responsible for making sure that Latinos are also present as leaders in the international swine production industry.

Updated CV 07-Oct-2013