Heraclio Corchón López

Heraclio Corchón López

Prodes Gestión de Obras SLP. Spain

He was born in Soria in 1971, and he is an Agricultural Engineer, specialised in farms.

1996-2010: He worked for the private sector, until 1999, on PIC’s breeder farm located in Soria, being a part of the team that started it, and having the opportunity of training with the consultants Barceló&Marco and Santiago Martin Rillo.

1999-2001: he moved to Lleida to work in the starting of a breeder farm for Copalme, and this allowed him to complete his training in the production area.

2001-2010: he went on to work for Grup Baucells Alimentación SA, with a stay in Hungary for a year for the joint venture Triagro Kft. After 4 years working in the Vic area, being in charge of the maintenance of the pig farms, he moved to Sariñena (Huesca), for the starting of a feed factory and for developing management tasks.

Since 2010, he develops his professional work together with his partner, Joan del Sol, through the company Prodes Gestión de Obras SLP, that works on the management of projects in the pig sector, having built more than 80,000 sow places for companies such as Cincaporc, Mazana, Alendi, Cuartesa, Carnes Binéfar, etc.

Updated CV 24-Apr-2017