Francisco A. García Vázquez

Francisco A. García Vázquez

University of Murcia. Spain

He graduated in Veterinary Medicine/Science from the University of Murcia. In 2005 he took the MSc degree "Biology and Technology of the Reproduction in Mammals" and he obtained the European Doctor degree in Veterinary Medicine/Science from the aforementioned University in 2007.

He is professor at the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Science of the University of Murcia since 2007. He is a member of the research group "Physiology of Reproduction".

He has carried out investigations in different international universities, such as the University of Baja California (Mexico), the University of Okayama (Japan), the Universities of Bologna and Pisa (Italy), and the Universities of Michigan State and Massachusetts (USA). He has received different awards for his investigations. His investigations are focused, mainly, on artificial insemination in pigs, sperm selection in the female genital tract, and the sperm capacitation signals, among others.

He has contributed with several research articles published in prestigious international journals, and with many book chapters. He has presented more than 100 lectures in national and international congresses. He has also supervised several investigation studies (PhD and Msc theses). He has collaborated in different investigation projects at a regional, national and European level, and he is also in charge of different investigation contracts with private companies.

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