Ana Carvajal

Ana Carvajal
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University of Leon. Spain

Born in Leon on December 11, 1967, Ana Carvajal finished her Veterinary studies in 1990, specializing in Health and Medicine and graduating with honours. Soon afterwards, she joined the Department of Animal Health at the Veterinary Science/Medicine Faculty of the University of Leon. In December 1994 she presented and defended her doctoral thesis, titled “Epidemiology and diagnosis of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea infection due to coronavirus”, supervised by Professors Pedro Cármenes and Pedro Rubio. During her pre-doctoral time at the university she spent time doing research at the Sobrino Research and Development Laboratory in Olot, Girona, under the supervision of Joan Plana, as well as at the Institute of Virology of the University of Zurich, under the supervision of Professor Mathias Ackermann. In 1995, she became a postdoctoral intern at the same laboratory.

From 2001 she has been a tenured professor in the Department of Animal Health of the Veterinary Science/Medicine Faculty at the University of Leon, becoming part of the DIGESPORC research group, specializing in digestive infections of pigs, supervised by Professor Pedro Rubio. In 2003 she graduated as Public Health specialist from the European College of Veterinary Public Health, specializing in population medicine.

She has supervised 9 doctoral theses and has participated in an important number of publicly and privately funded research projects, being the main researcher in several of them. She is the author and co-author of more than 45 articles published in JCR-referenced scientific journals, as well as a significant number of popular science articles in national magazines, and speeches in national and international congresses.

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