Amy L. Vincent

Amy L. Vincent
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USDA-ARS National Animal Disease Center. United States


  • Ph.D. 2004    Iowa State University, Ames
  • D.V.M. 2002  Iowa State University, Ames
  • M.S. 1997     Iowa State University, Ames
  • B.S. 1993     Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green


Professional Experience

2006-Present  Research Veterinary Medical Officer, USDA-ARS National Animal Disease Center, Ames, IA.

2004-2006 Veterinary Medical Officer and Postdoctoral Research Associate, USDA-ARS National Animal Disease Center, Ames, IA.


Awards & Recognition:

  • USDA ARS Special Administrator’s Award, ARS H1N1 Influenza Virus Research Team, 2009
  • USDA Secretary’s Honor Award, H1N1 Coordination Group, 2010
  • USDA ARS Midwest Area Early Career Scientist Award, 2010
  • AASV Howard Dunne Memorial Award, 2011
  • Pfizer Animal Health Ten Under 40 Award, 2011
  • USDA Secretary’s Honor Award jointly with SEPRL and NVSL for response to H7N9, 2013
  • USDA Team Award for Response to Variant Influenza, One Health Coordination Office, 2013


Current Position:

Dr. Vincent is a Research Veterinary Medical Officer at the USDA-ARS National Animal Disease Center (NADC) in Ames, Iowa, conducting research on the virulence properties of swine viral pathogens and developing intervention strategies against them. Dr. Vincent has over 20 years of experience in swine production and animal health research. The primary focus of the Vincent laboratory is influenza A virus (IAV) in swine.  IAV represents a unique agent that is pathogen to pigs, humans, and numerous other species, and the NADC studies focus on IAV in the natural swine host. Three areas of IAV research involve characterizing currently circulating and emerging IAV in swine, investigating virulence properties and host range, and developing novel vaccine approaches.

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