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The importance of the sow's feed intake and the weaned piglet's weight

The most productive farms are not always the best. We must also bear in mind the weaned piglet's weight and the sow's feed intake.

Monday 29 September 2014 (4 years 2 months 16 days ago)
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Knowing the sows' age12-Sep-2014 4 years 3 months 3 days ago

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30-Sep-2014susan rensusan renIt is important for the sows to get the enough energe to keep body condition. If we feed as this article, it might lead the sow too thin to cull earlier. Actually,I think we needn't care how much the sow eat,we just watch the sow's BF change, keep them in good conditions.
01-Oct-2014Carlos CasanovasCarlos CasanovasSusan, I totally agree with you. If you take a look at the last slide you will see that I'm saying that achieving such a feed consumption and productivity is an excessively optimistic expectation. Maybe a little number of farms will be able to achieve that, but they need such an individual control of each animal feeding, reduce food waste and raise sows under optimal thermic conditions, so that its almost impossible. The objective of the article was to establish a potential goal that we could try to reach. On next chapters we will see why in practice, we are going far from that goal.
Thanks for your comment.
13-Jan-20152006zhangzijian2006zhangzijiancan you sent this article as swf to me ?
15-Jan-2015pig333pig333Hi 2006zhangzijian,
this article is not flash and only can be viewed online.
24-Jan-20152006zhangzijian2006zhangzijianthank you !
28-Jan-2015heavypigheavypigNice to read. Hope to have more in the future that specifically tackles sow's health and productivity. Thanks!
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