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Removing the creep feeders in the evening encourages feed consumption

The goal is to improve the piglets’ starter feed consumption in the farrowing pens.

Thursday 5 July 2018 (7 months 15 days ago)
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The goal of this trick is to improve the piglets’ starter feed consumption in the farrowing pens. On our farm, we have seen that the piglets consume more feed in the farrowing pens if in the evening, when ending the workday, we remove the creep feeders with which we provide them with feed.


We have seen that when we place the creep feeders with fresh feed in the farrowing pens at the beginning of the workday, this is considered a novelty, and that encourages the piglets to eat. On the other hand, we think that removing the feed every day helps it to keep its organoleptic properties, and this also contributes to a higher consumption.

The removal of the creep feeders in the farrowing pens is carried out in the evening. They are left in the corridor, behind the sow, and with their concave part opposite to the extractor. In this way we think that the presence of foul smells is reduced.

Parameters observed

  • An increase in the feed consumption per piglet in the farrowing pens.
  • A drop in the percentage of starter food waste.
  • The creation of a work routine in the farrowing rooms helps to maintain the hygiene of the most expensive feed used on pig farms.

El Espino de Yanguas, Segovia, Spain


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05-Jul-2018hendrik jan muilenburgvery intresting
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