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Providing colostrum with an AI catheter

Use the probe of an intrauterine AI catheter to provide colostrum.

Monday 2 May 2016 (2 years 1 months 17 days ago)

The goal of this trick is to provide colostrum to the piglets with a low weight. It is used on the Siscart farm, in Spain. To do it they use the probe of an intrauterine AI catheter.

In every farm there is always a certain percentage of piglets that are born with a very low weight. This percentage normally increases as more piglets per sow are born.

A great part of the success in the farrowing quarters is based on being able to translate this increase in the number of total born piglets as an increase in the number of weaned piglets. The survival of these piglets with a low weight is very low if we don't help them. To this end, the colostrum intake during their first hours of life is crucial.

Although we gather all the small piglets in a litter, they will have difficulties when it comes to consuming colostrum. They are weaker and sensitive to cold, and it's difficult for them to suck the milk from the dam's nipples.

The administering of colostrum obtained from the sows on the farm will help these piglets to have a higher survival rate.

Use of an AI probe to give colostrum to the piglets

For a good and quick administering of this colostrum we can use the internal probe of an inauterine AI catheter as an esophageal probe. There are different kinds available, with their tip more or less rounded. The more rounded the tip the less the risk to injure the piglet's oesophagus, which usually causes its death. The best probes are the ones with the red tip.

Uso de sonsa de IA para encalostrar lechones


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mfredo12Pig producer03-May-2016 (2 years 1 months 16 days ago)

Can it be given using a feeding bottle

Emman Tanael16-Jul-2016 (1 years 11 months 3 days ago)

How much milk can be given per piglet using this technique?

sikubwabo aloiz27-Dec-2016 (1 years 5 months 23 days ago)

He. i appreciate for ua services. now i have local breads but have never experienced any diseas.how can i ensure that my farm is well protectedagainst infections?

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