Perstorp’s Feed Acid Review offers new insights into the future of the feed industry

The review covers major factors which will impact the industry in the coming years.
It gathers insights from every part of the agri industry, from farmers to professors specializing in animal gut health.

Friday 11 May 2018 (8 months 10 days ago)

PerstorpFor the first time, Perstorp is publishing an extensive review of the feed industry as it is today, and gathered research and predictions from experts all over the world to predict where it’s going in years to come. Read the Feed Acid Review 2018 to get access to these exclusive interviews.

Starting on 9th May 2018, the Feed Acid Review 2018 will be distributed as a downloadable eBook on with its objective being to help and inspire people at every point in the value chain of the feed industry. From farmers to feed producers, this eBook covers topics that will have an impact on future ways of working, as well as offering insights into today’s market.

Roger Mann, Executive Vice President Perstorp Feed & Food, says of the review:

“Our Feed & Food business area has always had both feet planted firmly in the market. This review emphasizes Perstorp’s position as thought leader in this market, and it’s great to see so many people come together to share their expertise with the world. Feed & Food is a focus area for Perstorp, and it’s vital for us to give something back to the market. Through this review, we’re offering valuable insights for the people that will help the industry grow and improve in the long term.”

The Feed Acid Review 2018 is based on months of research, as well as interviews with scientists, professors, farmers, nutritionists and many more. In addition, it contains insights from many of the business area leaders from within Perstorp, who talk about innovations in products and how they are shaping the future of the industry.

The Feed Acid Review 2018 puts many important topics into the spotlight, including:

Expert opinions from market analysts, researchers, nutritionists and feed industry actors that talk about where the industry is today, and what to expect for the future

Smart farming, and how technology is changing the way farmers will manage their feeding practices and livestock. A recent trial in Europe has produced some eye-opening results, and connected devices are set to become commonplace over the coming years

The future of organic acid use in feed for preservation and animal gut health, and what the industry can do to improve and maintain it. Experts talk about advances in know-how and technology, and how these additives can play an important role in the international reduction in the use of antibiotics as growth promoters

May 09, 2018 - Perstorp

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