Agromek will take place in January 2021

The next Agromek Exhibition will be held during the period 19th to 22nd January 2021 in the MCH Exhibition Centre, Herning, Denmark. Photo: Wiegaarden.
The next Agromek Exhibition will be held during the period 19th to 22nd January 2021 in the MCH Exhibition Centre, Herning, Denmark. Photo: Wiegaarden.

The largest agricultural exhibition in Scandinavia – AGROMEK – will now be held in Week 3 2021. The exhibition dates for several international exhibitions have been altered and this has increased the requirement to find a new period for Agromek as an international exhibition.

Tuesday 10 September 2019 (3 months 3 days ago)

Agromek will now be held during the period 19th to 22nd January 2021 in the MCH Exhibition centre, Herning, Denmark. This change is a consequence of the fact that the French SIMA exhibition and the German Eurotier exhibition have been moved to Week 46, 2020 and Week 47, 2020 respectively.

This represents practical difficulties for those exhibitors who wish to participate at Agromek in addition to exhibiting at the other exhibitions. It also makes it more difficult for Agromek to attract the appropriate guests from other countries. This is the background for the Agromek Administration´s decision to move Agromek to Week 3, 2021 – following a considerable amount of investigatory work.

Sten Andersen, Chairman of Agromek states: “October and November in even years have been filled up with exhibitions. Agromek has also been subjected to a challenge due to its being the last exhibition in November only 14 days after Eurotier. By greatly increasing the time interval to other international exhibitions and to other exhibitions in our neighbouring countries, we create much better conditions for our visitors, guests and exhibitors – both in Denmark and, in particular, from all other countries.”

In connection with this decision, Agromek has been in close dialogue with a number of exhibitors from several segments of the exhibition.

Sten Andersen continued: There are various preferences within the exhibition segments regarding the best period. However, the desire, that Agromek continues to be a joint international exhibition for Danish and foreign attendance, clearly exceeds these preferences. In general, there is an enormous support for our decision to return to Agromek´s former period in January.”

The international profile is to be reinforced

Jens-Peter Lundgaard, Chairman of the Danish Agroindustry Association is absolutely satisfied that Agromek is moved to January.

“It is in the interest of both the exhibitors and our guests that we are able to maintain the full force of the exhibition by moving to the new period. We wish to collate the entire trade and to ensure that, once every other year, we can demonstrate to the world what the members of the Danish Agroindustry develop and produce in close cooperation with the world´s leading farmers here in Denmark.”

Jens-Peter Lundgaard continued by stressing:

Danish Agroindustry´s members are all suppliers to Danish farmers. However, 75% of their production is exported. Many of our members have attained their first export customer due to attending at Agromek. I am, therefore, extremely pleased that the exhibition is to be moved away from the overfilled late Autumn calendar. This will undoubtedly attract even more foreign guests. The Agro Industry members and the Danish farmers can be proud of this foreign attendance and we shall continue to develop it at all times.

Agromek has been an international exhibition since 1974 and - until 2008 – the Exhibition was always held at the end of January.

September 5, 2019 - Agromek

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