Víctor Poza Moreno

Víctor Poza Moreno
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Emaswine. Spain

Son of swine farmers, and born in Turégano (Segovia, Spain), his beginnings consisted of summers working on the farm with the shovel and the wheelbarrow, until he became the manager of the farm.

In 2005 he started an international path in Denmark, where he worked as a manager, technician and consultant for Danish companies, and he still cooperates with them, but now from his own independent consultancy: Emaswine. Later on he also worked in Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Canada and Finland. In 2013 he returned to Spain, where was hired by Hnos. Chica as the manager of the sow production department.

Denmark has had a great influence on his way of understanding swine production, and he has a Spanish-Danish management culture.

At present he is Area Manager for SPF-Danmark for Spain and Portugal, with its headquarters in Spain. He is a distributor of SPF products with DanAvl genetics, and he is in charge of the commercialisation and the technical consultancy for the sales and after-sales departments.

He is most grateful to the people that have helped him to grow in his professional career in pig production, and their stimulus and help have been enormously valuable for him.

Updated CV 21-May-2014