Steven McOrist

Steven McOrist

Livestock veterinary consultant. Hong Kong

Steven McOrist graduated as a veterinary surgeon and worked at diagnostic laboratories for farm animals in Australia, then he transferred to a PhD in the U.K. and continued as the senior researcher and team leader in the pig ileitis program. This team was the first to successfully culture the aetiological agent, to name the causative agent Lawsonia intracellularis, the first to fulfill Koch’s postulates. He later served as the director of veterinary and technical services for the Asian-Australian agribusiness group, QAF (Bunge) Industries, focusing on swine production. He has worked in academia with Associate Professorship roles in the USA and UK, where he taught microbiology, enteric diseases and swine medicine. He returned to full-time pig and consultancy work in Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong and Melbourne. He performs technical management roles and consultancies with Australian, Chinese, Filipino and European pig agribusiness groups. He has published extensively on pig diseases, including guidebooks on pig diseases and the standard textbook, Diseases of Swine.

Updated CV 17-Oct-2018