Steve Dritz

Steve Dritz
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Kansas State University Swine Nutrition Team. United States

I conduct on-farm research to improve swine production and feeding management practices. My most recent research projects have quantified the effects of feed antimicrobials in multi-site pig production systems, examined alternatives to the use of conventional antimicrobials, and developed alternative antimicrobial delivery systems in the nursery phase. An additional research focus has been to evaluate the impact of pig weaning age from a biologic and economic perspective in multi-site pig production. My focus also is on developing practical spreadsheet based tools to aid economic evaluation swine production management changes. I have co-authored two book chapters related to the nutrition of early weaned pigs and numerous scientific articles on swine nutrition and production. Additionally, I provide nutritional advice to a variety of North American swine farms and frequently provides international technical training seminars.

Updated CV 16-Feb-2011