Pauline Berton

Pauline Berton

Porc Spective. France

Pauline Berton, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is a veterinarian, is graduated from the Toulouse Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (France) in 2011.

She received the Jules Tournut award from the AFMVP (French Association of swine medicine) for her  “Retrospective study 2005-2011 about PRRS stabilization programs implemented in 19 french pig farms”, in 2011.

She soon interested herself in swine medicine.

Since then, she is working in a french vet practice: Porc Spective in Noyal-Pontivy (Brittany), in a high pig density area.

The Porc Spective practice is one of the vet practices of the Chene Vert Conseil network.

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