Marian Porowski

Marian Porowski

Private veterinary practice vet. Poland

In 1981, he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of  The Agricultural University in Wrocław, Poland.  He served his internship in the Specialized Veterinary Clinic in Swarzędz and following this professional training we was employed in the Veterinary Clinic in Pobiedziska holding a senior registrar position. His field of activity covered prophylaxis and treatment of diseases in various animal species.

The privatization of the sector of veterinary services allowed him to run his own private practice which main area of interest started to be swine diseases and pathology. Since 1994, he has been continuously dedicating his time and work to this livestock species. In 1998, he started a continuing education advance studies in swine diseases run by The National Veterinary Research Institute in Puławy (Poland), from which he graduated in February 2000 with a title of The Certified Specialist in Swine Diseases.  

On 26th March 2004, he defended the PhD thesis on “The procedures and efficacy of the selected PRRS eradication strategies in different swine production systems”, and he was awarded a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine by The Commission on the registration and conferment for a doctoral degree of The National Veterinary Research Institute in Puławy on 14th April 2004.  

Currently he works as a consultant in prophylaxis and therapy on several dozen swine farms located throughout Poland as well as abroad. His professional experiences and observations were published in Polish and foreign veterinary journal, with him being the author and co-author of several dozen papers and reports. He is also a lecturer on the postgraduate continuing education studies in swine diseases. He has presented his lectures and talks on many scientific congresses and symposiums.

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