Lluís Fabà

Lluís Fabà

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Spain

He was born in 1989 in Tàrrega (Lleida), Spain. He obtained his degree in Veterinary Medicine/Science from the UAB in 2012. When he ended his studies he worked as a farmer on a sow farm, and later at ANDRIMNER Ibérica in Denmark. In 2014 he went on with his studies with the Intercollegiate Msc degree in Pig Health and Production taught at the University of Lleida (UdL), and at the same time he developed a project at the Animal Nutrition and Welfare Service of the UAB (SNiBA) to study the different aspects that affect the feed variability and their consequences on pigs. This study won the XXV FEDNA Award for Young Researchers in November 2015.

He has collaborated in research projects on pig production (especially having to do with sows) as part of the Animal Nutrition and Welfare Service of the UAB (SNiBA).

Since 2015 he is developing his PhD thesis project at the SNiBA, which is focused on the study of management/handling and feeding strategies in the gilt rearing stage and the adjustment of the future hyperprolific sows and their consequences on the first productive cycles.

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Lameness and nutrition

25-Feb-2019 (8 months 19 days ago)

This article reviews the effect of components of the diet on the bones and osteochondrosis, this being the main caused of lameness and a reason for the culling of young sows. Therefore, they are important concepts to bear in mind in the diets for the rearing of gilts.

Lameness and nutrition