Emma Fàbrega Romans

Emma Fàbrega Romans
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IRTA. Spain

Emma Fàbrega i Romans is a veterinarian (1995), and she studied an Msc degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (1998). Since 2011 she is a diplomate from the European College of Animal Welfare and Behaviour Medicine. After ending the Ph.D. in animal welfare in 2002, she joined, as an investigator, the IRTA's animal welfare subprogramme. She has worked in Welfare Quality® European projects, such as Q-PorkChains, SABRE, Alcasde, IMPRO, ALL-SMART-PIGS, ECO-FCE, and in investigation contracts for the EFSA, such as the "Development of Animal Welfare Risk Assessment Guidelines on Transport and on housing". She has coordinated two projects with a national financing: one of them on alternatives to surgical castration in swine and another one on the implications of precision feeding on animal welfare. She is member of the IRTA'a ethics committee. She has published more than 30 articles in scientific journals. The lines of research in which she works currently are essentially based on the indices for the evaluation of animal welfare on the farm, and the management and housing factors that affect welfare.

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