Antonio Jesús Martínez Gilaberte

Antonio Jesús Martínez Gilaberte
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Grupo Vall Companys. Spain


1990-1995 Graduated in Veterinary Medicine/Science from the University of Saragossa


Professional experience

1995-1997 LABORATORIOS IBERHOME (Ibérica de Homeopatía)

Since1997 Veterinarian at Vall Companys' production department

1997-2000 Person in charge of isoweans (site 2) in Saragossa

2000-2005 Person in charge of piglet producing farms (site 1)

2005-2010 Person in charge of selection and multiplication nuclei at Vall Companys

Since 2010 Person in charge of sow farms, stage 2 and fattening farms in the Aragon and Navarre regions (in Navarre from 2010 to 2013) of the new companies integrated into Vall Companys.

Active collaborator in training projects at Vall Companys

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