Álvaro Lázaro

Álvaro Lázaro
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Integraciones Biológicas Porcinas. Spain

Professional experience

January 2015-currently: Integraciones Biológicas Porcino S.L. (Swine genetics company).

Control of genetics (weighing machines, conversion indices, matings, stocks, swine management programmes...), veterinary control (vaccinations, tests, pathologies...), assistance to clients.

August 2014-December 2014: 2,850-sow farm.

Person in charge of the farrowings building. Farrowing and feeding assistance, fosterings, medication and vaccinations of sows and piglets.

Practices: 200 hours. Year 2013: Monge Veterinario, S.L.P.

Horses. Medicine and reproduction. Collaboration in managment, diagnosis and on-field treatments.

Practices: 200 hours. July-August 2012: Centro Veterinario Cantalejo.

Milk cows. Medicine and reproduction on different farms.

School year 2010-2011. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Science at the Complutense University of Madrid.
Internship. 1,440 hours. Big animals special surgery and Horses Pathology and Clinical Practice.

Collaboration in the admission of patients and the carrying out of medical records, management of the patients during the clinical procedures, implementation of diagnosis methods and medications, help in the medical-surgical diagnosis procedures, help in the surgical procedures and collaboration in the feeding and the cleaning of the animals.



2007–2014 Grade in Veterinary Medicine/Science – Complutense University of Madrid.

2006–2007 Forestry Engineering, specialisation in Timber Farms - (Valladolid)

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