Let’s Talk BBQ

28-Apr-2016 (1 years 7 months 15 days ago)

Let’s Talk BBQ - Steve Demaray, Lynch Livestock, from the 2016 Missouri Pork Expo, February 9-10, 2016, Columbia, Missouri, USA.

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Managing Water Quality on the Farm

14-Apr-2016 (1 years 7 months 29 days ago)

Mary Foy, from Proxy-Clean Products, talks about water, quality, and animal health. Ms. Foy highlights the core issues where water is part of the problem and details steps to better understand the water quality and how to diagnose issues with water.

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Controlling Disease: It's not about the bugs

31-Mar-2016 (1 years 8 months 12 days ago)

Controlling Disease: It's not about the bugs - Dr. Jim Lowe, Integrated Food Animal Medicine Systems, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois, from the 2015 Midwest Pork Conference, December 1, 2015, Danville, IN, USA.

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Women in Pig Farming

03-Mar-2016 (1 years 9 months 10 days ago)1

What role do females play on a pig farm? From tractor drivers, to farrowing barn specialists to so much more – these women are Real Pig Farmers of America. This is #RealPigFarming.

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