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    OIE: New official disease status

    19-Jun-2019 (27 days ago)
    OIE’s official disease status can be issued for six priority diseases. These status are of major importance to OIE Members and are of great significance for international trade as they constitute an official reference for the World Trade Organization (WTO). They reflect the level of transparency and quality of the Veterinary Services of the country, increase the value of its livestock sector and facilitate regional and international trade of animals and animal products.
    OIE: New official disease status

    Colombia: the new cooperation agreement with the OIE will strengthen animal health

    04-Jun-2019 (1 months 12 days ago)
    The Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute (ICA) has signed a cooperation agreement in technical assistance matters with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE/WOAH), with the aim that Colombia receives a greater international support in the next three years that helps to strengthen and improve animal health and the development of the livestock sector in Colombia.
    Colombia: the agreement with the OIE will strengthen animal health