Effect of dietary supplementation of an enzyme blend on the ileal and faecal digestibility of nutrients in growing pigs

Nutrient digestibility may be enhanced by ß-glucanase-protease enzyme blend product supplementation of growing diets
Monday 30 March 2009 (9 years 11 months 16 days ago)
The objective of the present experiment was to determine the effect of a ß-glucanase-protease enzyme blend product (EBP) on faecal digestibility, apparent ileal digestibility (AID), standardized ileal digestibility, and digestibility in the hindgut of growing pigs.

Twelve ileal-cannulated males were housed in individual metabolism crates were the 4 different experimental treatments were assigned following a 4 x 4 Latin square design. The experimental treatments consisted of 1) a basal diet, 2) the basal diet + 0.05% of EBP, 3) the basal diet + 0.10% od EBP and 4) hydrolyzed casein for the measurement of endogenous amino acids. The basal diet consisted of corn and soybean meal. Each of the experimental periods was 14 d, including 4 d of dietary adaptation, 5 d of faecal collection, 3 d of transition period and 2 d of ileal collection.

Animals fed the EBP showed higher (P<0.05) faecal dry matter and organic matter, energy, crude protein, non-fibre carbohydrate, total dietary fibre, insoluble dietary fibre, acid -hydrolyzed fat, ash, Ca and P digestibility compared with pigs fed the basal diet. The AID of neutral detergent fibre and hemicellulose was increased (P<0.05) by supplying the EBP either at 0.05 or 0.10% in the diets, but AID of dry matter and energy was not increased. The AID of acid hydrolyzed fat tended to be grater (P>0.05) in pigs fed the EBP supplemented diets than for those fed the basal diet. Ileal digestibility of most amino acids was not affected by treatments, but the EBP supplementation reduced the apparent and standardized digestibility of methionine, alanine and serine (P<0.05).

It is concluded that ß-glucanase-protease enzyme blend product supplementation in a corn soybean meal based diet improve faecal digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, energy, crude protein, non fibre carbohydrate, total dietary fibre, acid hydrolyzed fat, Ca and P, and the Ileal apparent digestibility of neutral detergent fibre in growing pigs.

F Ji, P Casper, PK Brown, DA Spangler, KD Haydon and JE Pettigrew. 2008. Journal of Animal Science. 86: 1533-1543.

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