Question of the week - Week of 03-Jul-2012

How many kg of feed can a multiparous sow consume per cycle?

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07-Sep-2017 Which of these functions is not related to the aminoacid threonine? 32% correct

29-Aug-2018 What's the IPMA? 35% correct

02-May-2019 The soybean meals with a greater crude protein percentage are those from: 34% correct

27-Mar-2012 Melanomas 31% correct

Difficult questions

17-Apr-2012 In 2010 EU produced 28% correct

11-Feb-2014 With respect to Haemophilus parasuis: 28% correct

30-Apr-2013 Japan is the first pig meat importer in the world with: 29% correct

25-Nov-2015 Historically, pork production in the US is 29% correct