Tonisity Adds Top-Tier Talent to Customer Success Team

Chad Steinkamp joins the company as director of customer success and Terry Coffman as manager of customer success.

Friday 30 November 2018 (10 months 15 days ago)

The creators of Tonisity Px™, the innovative product that unlocks pig potential when delivered to pigs Days 2-8 of life, continues to build its team of seasoned industry professionals.

Steinkamp appointed director of customer success
Steinkamp comes to Tonisity with nearly 20 years of experience in senior sales roles in the swine industry and has consistently been recognized for his contributions to customers and the businesses he serves. He brings to his role at Tonisity the ability to build teams for optimal success – a critical component in today’s production environment.

“We’ve experienced a rapid uptick in U.S. pork producers evaluating Tonisity Px’s impact on lifelong pig performance, starting at farrowing,” says Tonisity general manager Daniel Faidley. “The trend of today’s larger litters increases production opportunities, but also comes with challenges to long-term pig performance. Tonisity Px unlocks potential in every litter and every pig starting at Day 2 of life.”

Faidley adds that Tonisity Px – and the team behind it – amplifies the husbandry provided by today’s farrowing workers to elevate pigs to higher performance levels. “It’s Steinkamp’s understanding of pork production, love for the industry, and contagious enthusiasm and integrity to help pork producers reach their goals that makes him a great team addition,” Faidley says.

“Tonisity has created a very effective intestinal development solution for pigs,” says Steinkamp. “Even more importantly, the team is constantly looking at ways to bring new tools and approaches to ensure customers have everything they need to achieve meaningful, measurable performance improvements. Tonisity sees each customer’s success and its own as one in the same, and I’m excited to join a culture that places that much emphasis on customers capturing value that matters to them.”

Coffman joins as manager of customer success

Coffman brings his vast pork industry knowledge and passion to the Tonisity team. He has a unique ability to share information with veterinarians and producers to improve productivity and profitability, says Faidley.

“Character and competence are two words that define Terry Coffman,” says Faidley. “I’ve never known anyone who cares more about customer success than Terry. It’s what drives him and it shows in everything he does. Terry is as authentic and honest of a human being as there is and we’re thrilled to bring his approach and his pork production knowledge to our customers and our team.”

For more than two decades, Coffman was responsible for key accounts in Elanco Animal Health’s swine business unit. During this time he worked closely with veterinarians and pork production managers to tailor solutions for each customer.

“Tonisity is focused on delivering customer results, and Tonisity Px creates a difference you can physically see,” says Coffman. “We can help pigs get off to a better start and that makes a difference for life. I’m excited to represent a product that improves a pig’s ability to better utilize available nutrition, which helps them grow closer to their genetic potential.”

“Adding Chad and Terry is a reflection of our respect for our customers, who need credible information and creative approaches to unlock pig potential and producer profitability,” says Faidley. “They understand the science behind Tonisity Px and we are pleased to add this tremendous talent to our organization.”

November 29, 2018 - Tonisity

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