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Hvsen Biotech "PRRS Prevention and Control New Solution" (Wuhan Station) was grandly launched

The “PRRS Disease Research Project Results Conference” cohosted by Hvsen Biotech and Wuhan Xinhuaxing (Wuhan Station) was held in the International Academic Exchange Center of Huazhong Agricultural University.

Monday 13 August 2018 (1 years 2 months 6 days ago)

PRRS is the most important disease facing the global pig industry today, causing billions of losses.

Following the successful launch of the “PRRS Disease Research Project Results Conference” (Haikou Station) in July, on August 3rd, 2018, the “PRRS Disease Research Project Results Conference” cohosted by Hvsen Biotech and Wuhan Xinhuaxing (Wuhan Station) was held in the International Academic Exchange Center of Huazhong Agricultural University and provided the pig industry with a “PRRS prevention and control new solution”, which is practical and verified over time.

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Conference site.

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Dean of the Hvsen Pig Disease Research Institute Huazhong Agriculture University professor Zhou Rui.

Professor Zhou Rui shared the report of "New Progress in Prevention and Control of PRRS" at the conference. He analyzed the epidemiology and prevention and control characteristics of PRRS in China, highlighting that PRRS is one of the most serious pig diseases today because of the characteristics of the virus, the high losses it causes and the coexistence of multiple strains.

To this purpose, Hvsen Biotech and Huazhong Agricultural University conducted research on the new method of prevention and control of PRRS in pigs. Professor Zhou Rui shared relevant research results during the conference. In vivo tests show that tylvalosin can slow down the febrile reaction in pigs after PRRSv infection and reduce the weight loss of pigs. Other results shown are reduction of lung tissue damage and reduction of viral load in the blood and tissues of PRRSv-infected pigs.

Finally, Professor Zhou summarized the prevention and control recommendations for PPRS, including the need for accurate laboratory testing, rational use of live attenuated vaccines, drug control - new options and biosafety.

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Hvsen technical service specialist Senior veterinarian Mr. Tang Wanyong.

Mr Tang Wanyong analyzed the prevalence of PRRS in China. At present, the PRRSv strains in China show rapid variation and diversity. The proportion of classic strains in the first half of 2017-2018 is relatively low, approximately 10-15%. There is a high incidence rate of high pathogenicity strains, and the occurrence of NADC30-like strain is increasing. Mr Tang Wanyong mentioned there is no standard solution to the prevention and control strategies against PRRS in pigs. Drug selection is one of the important factors.

In order to help customers better solve the prevention and control measures against PRRS, Hvsen Biotech has proposed a new PRRS prevention and control solution, including detection and evaluation, selective immunity, drug control and biosafety.

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Hvsen technical service specialist Mr. Ding Wenge.

At the conference, Mr. Ding Wenge shared the report of “New Solution and Tracking Process for Prevention and Control of PRRS”, and gave a detailed introduction of the farm interviews and evaluation, including field interviews, test data, on-site inspection, evaluate status of PRRS in pig farms based on the professional evaluation criteria, and provide customised PRRS prevention and control programs for the farms.

Hvsen Biotech has always adhered to the mission of “Dedicated to the animal health technology and improve the quality of life”, and constantly improve its research and development capabilities. This year, Hvsen launched the “PRRS Prevention and Control New Solution” – based on the assessment of the PRRS status of the farm, biosafety, immunization and drug use solutions that are close to production and have been validated for many years.

August 10, 2018 - Hvsen Biotech

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