Nuria Tous

Nuria Tous
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IRTA. Spain

Núria Tous is a graduate in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universidad Rovira i Virgili (2007). She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Metabolism from the same university, and she is writing her doctoral thesis, financed by the INIA, in the Animal Nutrition Department at the IRTA, under the management of Dr. Enric Esteve Garcia.
Her doctoral thesis studies different dietary factors that affect the defecation, the composition of the fat and the contribution of the intramuscular fat on the quality of the pig meat.

3-months investigation stages in:
2010: The Department of “Animal Science, molecular nutrition and cell biology” at the University of Aarhus (Denmark), studying the effect of the CLA on the expression of some genes related with the lipid metabolism.
2011: The “Milk and Meat Production Research Department” at Agroscope Liebefeld, in Posieux – ALP (Switzerland), determining primary and secondary fibers, lipid droplets and collagen in different muscles of newborn piglets.

In 2007, by means of an IRTA-Provimi grant, she studied the digestibility of the protein and starch of different cereals digested in vitro.
In his final year project carried out at the IRTA she carried out a study of the kinetics of the intestinal contents in pigs fed with different cereal sources.

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