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Sow losses/cullings: a Tower of Babel (I)

20-Mar-2013 (6 years 7 months 30 days ago)

The registration of the sow losses/cullings in the management computer programs is normally something easy, but it is not always given the importance that it really has so, sometimes, the registration is incomplete, with wrong dates and without writing down the cause of the loss/culling. Nevertheless, its correct registration and its later analysis can give us very useful information for the correct technical-financial management of the farm.

Sow losses/cullings: a Tower of Babel (I)

Seasonal effects (temperature and light): analysis and minimization of their consequences

29-Oct-2012 (7 years 21 days ago)

It is a widely documented fact that pig production has seasonal variations mainly focused on a descent in the reproductive efficiency in the gestation phase (difficulty in the coming into oestrus, a higher number of reproductive failures) during the summer and autumn months.

Seasonal effects: analysis and minimization