Miguel Ángel Higuera

Miguel Ángel Higuera
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Anprogapor. Spain

Miguel Ángel Higuera Pascual is a DVM from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid), where he also took the II Course on specialization in swine livestock.

He started his professional activity in the company Kubus, S.A., and at the same time he worked in the Madrid Veterinary Medicine Faculty Biology Department vitrifying porcine embryos. After some time he was part of the technical team at Kubus. Later on, and with the aim of making progress in the knowledge of the swine production, he started his way as a porcine production veterinarian at Proinserga (Segovia) being, in the first stages, a pig farm veterinarian, but taking care, later on, of the artificial insemination centres. After a very fruitful and enriching time with the pig production in Segovia (his homeland), he changes register reaching the Technical Management at the Select Swine Livestock National Association, from where he finally jumps to the Porcine Livestock Producers National Association (ANPROGAPOR) as the Manager Assistant.

At present he is the representative of the Spanish swine sector at the Pig Meat Forecasts Committee and at the Pig Meat Consultative Committee, both pertaining to the General Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture. He is also representative of the Animal Welfare Consultative Committee at the General Directorate of Sanco, member (from Asaja) of three work groups atCOPA-COGECA: Swine Meat, Environment, and Animal Health and Welfare (he is vice-president of the latter work group). He is also the Spanish representative at the Animal Health and Sanitary Safety Federation and member of many other organizations with which to put pressure and lobby in order to defend the best opportunities for the Spanish swine sector.

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