Matthew A. Ackerman

Matthew A. Ackerman
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Swine Veterinary Services, P.C., Greensburg, Indiana. United States


1988-1995 - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, May 1995.

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine, May 1993.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Honors, May 1992.  Majored in Animal Science.


Work experience

1995-present - Swine Veterinary Services, P.C., Greensburg, Indiana

Partner.  Interact with clinic’s 100 clientele representing 100,000 sows across five states.  Implement Herd Health programs on new clients’ farms and follow-up with preventative health visits. Coordinate PigCHAMP® comparative database analysis of sow farms and 20 grow-finish herds.  Develop target graphing technique to help producers visualize their production goals versus past performance.  Advised for Newsham Choice Genetics as Acting Veterinarian of Health & Quality Assurance from October 1997 to January 1999 and again from July 2003 to December 2003.  Consult for Signature Farms as Coordinating Veterinarian from July 2001 to present. 

1992-1994 University Of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine, Urbana, Illinois

Research Assistant during summer and quarter time during school year. Collected blood samples from swine for State Pseudorabies eradication program. Analyzed data for Acute Phase Protein - Stress Level relationship in market swine. Entered data for and managed PigCHAMP 3.0® service bureau. 


Advisory Boards

1997-present  Choice Genetics (previously Newsham) – NewVet – CG’s Veterinary Health Advisory Committee

2009-present  Bayer Animal Health – Swine Veterinary Advisory Committee

2005-2010 - Alpharma Animal Health – Swine Advisory Committee

2003-2004 - National Pork Board – Veterinary Advisory Committee



Statistical Analysis in Production Medicine - College of Veterinary Medicine – Michigan State University – 2001

Purina Mills, Inc.  Swine Proficiency Award - 1995

Dr. Vaylord Ladwig memorial scholarship - 1994 

Smith-Kilborne Foreign Animal Disease "Plum Island Trip" scholarship recipient - 1993

Updated CV 09-Oct-2013


PEDv recurrence

27-Oct-2014 (5 years 17 days ago)

In May 2013 a sow farm in Indiana (USA) broke with PEDv. In mid March 2014, scour were observed in the onsite nursery and finisher. In the subsequent week, PEDv was diagnosed of the same strain (99.9 % homology) and the virus moved into the farrowing house.

PEDv recurrence