Mareike Schmidt

Mareike Schmidt

Biochem Zusatzstoffe GmbH. Germany

Mareike Schmidt is Product Manager for Dietary Feed Supplements (DFS) at Biochem Zusatzstoffe (Germany), a company specialized in animal nutrition worldwide. After her apprenticeship in pig farms she studied agriculture science (focus on animal science) at the Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn (B. Sc. agr.) and University of Hohenheim (M.Sc. agr.).  Since 2014 she is responsible for the DFS swine products, a broad range of different formulations which target short-term treatments in stressful and challenging situations. To find and combine different feed additives with a positive influence on gut flora and consequently animal health, is the core task of her work. A special focus is on suckling and weaning piglets as well as on different application forms. The application via drinking water is an important task and need to be focused. Mareike has carried out promising experiments and presented the results at international conferences.

Updated CV 16-Jul-2019