Marco Antonio Jacho López

Marco Antonio Jacho López

Inti Veterinaris Assessors. Spain

Academic background

  • Bsc in Veterinary Medicine/Science and Animal Husbandry, Central University of Ecuador. 1995.

  • Homologation of his Bsc in Veterinary Medicine/Science by the MEC (Spain) in 2001.

  • Post-graduate degree in Pig Feeding. Swine Investigations Institute. Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba 1996.

  • Post-graduate degree in Swine Genetics and Reproduction. Swine Investigations Institute. Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba 1996.

  • Specialised Higher Studies. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Bellaterra. 1998.

  • Post-graduate degree in Animal Welfare. Association of Veterinarians of Barcelona. 2009.

Work Experience

Field veterinarian, carrying out his work activity through several private companies in the pig sector in Spain, and Central and South America, such as boar studs, companies that build bodyworks for the transport of animals, farm-building companies, consulting companies, training centres, etc. He also provides technical advice to small, medium and large producers. Since 2009 he is consultant in Animal Welfare.

He also collaborates with several journals/magazines from Latin America and Spain, such as Porcicultura Ecuatoriana, from Ecuador (his country of origin); El Porcicultor y su entorno, from Mexico; Campo Abierto from Venezuela; Anaporc, Avances and Suis from Spain (where he currently lives); and Engormix, from Argentina.

Dr. Jacho López is a member of the faculty of the Quintanes Agricultural Familiar School in the specialities of Swine Management and Livestock Production. He currently manages investigation projects about matters having to do with sustainable pig production from the R+D+i department of Inti Veterinaris. He is also a member of the jury of the Quintanes-BBVA Award for Entrepreneurs in the Rural Environment.


Updated CV 13-Feb-2017