Giuseppe Sarli

Giuseppe Sarli
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Bologna University. Italy

Giuseppe Sarli was born in Abriola (PZ - Italy) on June 28th, 1964. In 1989 he graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Bologna University (Italy) discussing a thesis on Viral encephalomyocarditis in swine. Since 1991 he works as pathologist at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna and at present he is full professor. He held courses of Veterinary general pathology, Veterinary oncology, Ichthyopathology and Histopathologic diagnostic techniques of fish diseases at Bologna and Teramo Schools of Veterinary Medicine and still holding courses of “Veterinary histopathology” and “Veterinary pathological anatomy” at Bologna School of Veterinary Medicine.

One of his present research field are the PCV2 diseases in swine. On this topic he works as pathologist for the diagnostic support and for research. The latter is mainly addressed to the role of PCV2 in swine reproductive pathology in experimental models (infection by PCV2 exposed semen in gilts vaccinated and not vaccinated against PCV2 with the aim to ascertain reproductive failure and embrio/foetus damage).

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